Monday, October 11, 2004

Sins and Sinners

I was always told that all sins are equal. In Sunday school, they would always teach that God loves the sinner and hates the sin....but we are no better than anyone else regardless of the sins we commit, because we are all, at our core, sinning beings. All sins are just that: acts against the will of God. Fast-forward years later, and I have discovered that, while all sins may be the same in God's eyes - I can't speak for Him, so I'll have to go with that - the consequences of our actions are drastically different. (I still hold with the idea that a murderer is a bit more of a sinner than, say, Martha Stewart....but it isn't my call in the end times, so I wouldn't pay much attention to my opinion on that one.) John Ray over at Dissecting Leftism has an interesting post today (perhaps it is yesterday for him at this time of day) on sins of homosexuality and, of all things, black conservatism. "'All sin is against God's will but homosexuality goes beyond the sin of lying, for instance,' Turner said. '... Homosexuality is a sin against God and they want the world to accept them in their sin brag about it, boast about it and want it to become part of America's lifestyle.'" Funny, I don't remember that being the mantra they told me in church....and as a member of MANY different churches throughout my childhood and early adulthood, I feel fairly confident on my assessment of the protestant church's view of sins. What makes no sense to me - it never has - is that homosexuality is a private sin. We all have them....gluttony, lying to ourselves and others, moments of selfishness, etc. If you define homosexuality as a sin - and again, that is IF - it is a private sin that is between that individual and God. What is so horrific about it? Do you think that being homosexual is easy? Hardly, and the consequences are severe. Look at how quickly AIDS is spread in the homosexual community, the difficulty in facing family members, being part of a group that is small and has a hard time finding its place, trying to have your relationship and feeling legitimized in a society that struggles to define love....the choice has its own unpleasant results. I have never thought being a homosexual was easy or popular. For some, though, it may be their only choice. If it is a sin, it is their own. To suggest that is worse than lying or fraudulent behavior, which can damage many people, seems ridiculous. Call homosexuality a sin....I really don't care. We all take part in "sins" every day, so he who is without sin can start collecting soda cans to whale in my direction. In the meantime, the rest of us better starting checking out that plank sticking out of our cornea - and leave everyone else to their own splinters.