Sunday, October 31, 2004

Reasons to Vote

Thanks to the Texas Conservative, I have found this post, that is both inspiring and heart-wrenching. If you wonder about who to vote for, take a look - this will solve your problem. As a side note regarding this post, I have no idea how anyone can vote for Kerry. This statement has no relation to his party affiliation, or even his liberal ideals....but everything to do with how he treated our armed forces. If you want our men and women to come home with honor, and to have a President who's "got their back," then you cannot possibly vote for Kerry. He did not look out for those he personally served with - those that fought and slept in fear just like he did during their tours of duty - those that returned to face the pain of injury and the nightmares of experience - and those that did not return at all. He did not honor them - he betrayed them and dishonored them. He pointed a finger at them, while unwilling to point the finger at himself. He was but one of many who made sure our men and women returned in shame, rather than the dignity and honor they deserved for facing such horrific conditions. My nearing-hatred for Kerry has nothing to do with his party. I might disagree with Democrat politics and ideas, but I love our free exchange of ideas in the United States. I would not have it any other way. No, I find Kerry offensive and disgusting because of the dishonor he heaped on those who deserved honor....and how he uses THEIR service to try to shed honor on HIS campaign. He may have fought for his country - but the good he did was greatly outweighed by the men and women whose lives he condemned and derided with his actions and words when he returned.