Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Playing the Odds

The AnalPhilosopher has a post today that sends goose-bumps racing down my arms. Andrew Sullivan has a less-than-ringing endorsement of John Kerry posted on his site. Apparently our bastian of gay rights is now aiming for the lesser of two evils - now this is the strength I want to vote on. Take a glance at his argument for Kerry. Rush Limbaugh is right on this one, I'm afraid. The left doesn't like Kerry, but they hate Bush. They'd rather bank on a weak, ineffective candidate than risk having a strong, conservative leader. What cracks me up is that Sullivan did a 180 when Bush stood against gay-marriage rights. First, he's a Bush-backer. Now, he is backing a man who is also against gay-marriage rights. And Sullivan's acknowledgement of this is clearly trying to avoid the topic altogether. Who does he think he is kidding? Sullivan is a petulant child who, when he didn't get what he wanted from Bush, became sulking and bitter. Now, even as he acknowledges that Bush is the stronger military leader, he is going to vote for someone who is weaker and whom no one has any confidence in. Mind you, he won't get what he wants from Kerry, either, when it comes to gay-marriage rights, but Bush ticked him off first. Someone needs to define maturity for I'm noticing a considerable lack of it the way I define it.