Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Everytime I post on a woman acting like an idiot, I get the most interesting responses from my fellow (male) bloggers. Mostly, that I am saying something men think, but darenot say for fear of the repercussions. While I understand their reticence, it should not be. When women throughout our history fought for equal rights for women, I don't believe they meant "special" rights (or at least, I hope not). I don't hesitate to blast a man whom I believe is acting stupidly. Why should it be any different for a man who thinks woman is acting ridiculously? This is one of the many reasons I do not want a female president. I do not believe that society will be able to have an even exchange of discourse. Just imagine (do I have to??) if Hillary Clinton got her way and was elected (::gagging::) President. What could men possibly say? They would be hog-tied, without the freedom to say what they think without being labeled chauvinists and dismissed. I can say what I want to about a male President. It makes no difference, and does not change anyone's views on my position. Unless I'm making a statement lacking intelligence, I'm given credit on my statement without being considered a sexist. Men do not share the same freedoms. As I mentioned earlier, Theresa Heinz-Kerry needs to look around and remember she lives in the United States now. We women have more rights, more opportunities, and in many ways, more freedoms than men. We can speak as we want, have children at our whim, and we don't even have to register with the selective service when we turn 18. And if any man dare say anything against us or doesn't obey our edicts as we demand....heaven help him - he will have the rage and blame of women everywhere raining down on his head.