Saturday, October 30, 2004

More Blogger-hatin' Journalists

Here we go again. Read here from PC Magazine for more hate coming at us bloggers, and an amusing and rather accurate response from one frustrated blogger. What is with the lack of love for the blogging world? What did we do to anyone? No one makes you read our tripe. Most of us are normal people with a few other normal people who like our verbal wanderings. I'll even go so far as to say our verbocity is often over-done. But these journalists are running scared because some average folks out there are threatening them....and why, you may ask? Because we have an opinion, and, God forbid, we can put together sentences just like your average journalist. In my humble (har, har) opinion, these journalists have been on a high for years: they can write what they want to, spin it how they want to, and the world has no say. Their partisan, opinionated editors clap them on the back as though they've discovered new deposits of gold, and life goes on. Now, we are demanding honesty from these journalists, because if we don't get it from them, we can go to the web and read just as well written - if not better - material from the average joe who's tapping at his Dell-for-home-office keyboard (you ever noticed that "silent key" claim on these keyboards - what a load of BS). Journalists that can't live up to the demand for truth are out to attack those who created the demand. Don't be mistaken: I have the utmost respect for journalism. It is a damn harsh job, and I respect those that work hard at it. However....the same respect needs to be returned to those of us who work hard to express ourselves in the written form. While I am not out there 24/7 trying to get the story, at the best angle, with photo-ops and an editor breathing down my neck....neither am I getting paid for the time I spend writing on my blog. That I manage to attract loyal readers and the respect of others in my little corner of the blogosphere - no journalist has the right to discount that either. My world is different than theirs, and just I give them the respect they deserve for their hard work and effort, I deserve the respect I've earned by coming home at the end of a long work day, firing up the ol' pile of rubbish I call a computer, and putting my thoughts up there for the world to criticize. When I read these articles, I have to smile. They are feeling the heat, and it is only made more obvious by their clawing to get out of the boiling water. All the public asks is for their honesty - and finally, there's a little competition for the prize. God, but I love a capitalist society. Update: I just went back and read the post more closely of the frustrated blogger that I referenced at the top of this post. This is a must read folks. This guy is hilarious, and he's at the top of his game. I'll be checking out his site on a regular basis to see if this is his standard fare. Also, thanks to IMAO for the link.