Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Moment of Ego

While I consider myself blessed and relatively happy, today was an exceptional day. I took several employment tests on which I tested very highly, received my civil service exam scores, on which I scored in such a range that only 1 person scored higher than me (and they wouldn't have had I been fully rested when I took the exam - HA!), and had two positive job interviews. Then, as I was scrolling through my blogs of reading pleasure, I found that two of my list have added me to their blogroll. As many bloggers well know, being added to someone's blogroll does little for your traffic or popularity. What it does, at least what I have experienced, is gives you a warm-fuzzy. Somebody enjoyed your site enough to warrant it some recognition on their site. They don't get paid for it, they get no particular benefit from it....they just like your stuff enough to give you a link. How cool is that? Yep, my ego is riding high today....I think I'll just enjoy my moment. =)