Saturday, October 30, 2004

Land of the Free, Home of the Jack Ass

We have become a land of political slogans, partisan politics, and red and blue bruising. There is no concept anymore of anything other than a party. Drive down the street....the signs for Presidential candidates compete for attention, but they don't even make sense: Kerry Edwards reads "Truth for a change," or "A Stronger America." Bush-Cheney makes even less aim: "" Oy. Kerry is neither a bastian of truth or a strong candidate. Bush's group didn't even come up with anything catchy. Mind you, essentially, we all want similar things: safe homeland, lower taxes, good schools for our kids. The battle to get these things, though, has become vicious. Rather than assist each other and try to work together to achieve our common goals, we snipe at each other, call one another evil and wrong, and refuse to acknowledge even the smallest progress in the right direction. Extremism - that is the "ism" of the day. It is rare that extremism is ever healthy. How many of us like fundamentalist religions? Yet we demand and worship at the alter of fundamentalist politics. Don't you dare mention politics in a group of people - at worst, you'll start a physical altercation, and at best, many will walk away vowing to never speak to each other again. If Kerry is elected, at least the Democrat symbol will adequately describe the mindset of today's politically-minded. We have become stubborn, willful jack asses, clawing at each other to get ahead. And regardless of who is elected, that is unlikely to change. George Washington warned against the deviciveness of political parties. How could he know how right he would be?