Monday, October 04, 2004

Human Evil

I rarely accuse anyone of it. To me, evil is truly the lack of all morality, feeling, depth....true evil is actions that are strictly self-motivated, without any interest or concern for anyone else and their pain. Few people live up to this definition of evil. As I read What if? today, I realized few really understand evil. Peg has this post today, on the lack of civility in politics. I couldn't agree with her more (as usual), however, what I find even more striking - indeed, reaches me with more horror - is the description of George Bush in the second quote. Personally, I can't stand John Kerry. I am repulsed by him. I find Bill Clinton amoral and a pig. Al Gore wouldn't be welcome on my doorstep if he was giving away Hershey bars. I would never accuse any one of them of not having a heart, feelings, or empathy for others. How anyone can look at George Bush and not see that he is haunted by his decisions, regardless of whether or not you agree with them, and then accuse him of such cruelty....I question their humanity. Evil has many faces - that of Saddam Hussein, Usama Bin Laden, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin. To accuse someone of evil is to erase their humanity, to replace it with a vile, calculated mind. Evil. How easily these words are thrown around....with little thought to what they actually mean. Is George Bush mistaken? I suppose it depends on whether or not you think the war was a mistake. Did George Bush lie? Again, it depends on whether or not you believe what he said about the intelligence on Iraq and what we have seen. Was/Is George Bush right to engage in war? Many of us think so, but some do not. Is he evil, without concern for those he sent to their death, and those that we risk losing every minute of the day? No one who has truly watched him speak, looked at his life and actions, witnessed him with the survivors of 9/11, the hurricanes, the dead soldiers' families, can possibly say that - and understand the true meaning of what they are saying. It is merely a political cry, an attempt to rile up those "against" them, and to get their own way. Two year olds use similar tactics to demand their wants - only adults resort to such devious, base methods to try and get theirs.