Monday, October 11, 2004

"The FCC Won't Let Me Be...."

Steve over at JusTalkin might actually agree with Eminem on this one....but Steve actually makes a good point, and a logical one, without using one "four-letter" word (that is better than me on most days). I can't say I agree him completely. In the abstract, yes, we are a capitalist society where you should have the freedom to buy and sell as you wish. However, in reality, I don't think we have the ability to go without regulating bodies. Morals, proper behavior, and thought are concepts of the past. Then again, who knows what would happen if we actually had to be responsible for ourselves? Maybe Steve IS right....maybe we would be better off.
My point is that if we hand over that control to anyone, what right do we have to ask for it back? I'm sure that many of you don't agree with me on this, but if you think about it in these terms, my point is a valid one.
There is a thought to ponder.