Saturday, October 23, 2004

Elect Cookie Monster, '04!

I was in Borders earlier today, examining their latest book sales. There was a book signing supposedly going on (I say "supposed" as the author was not present, only his daughter, claiming he would be back later....and it was a tiny table with 4 books on it - not zooming to the top of the book sale charts, I guess) for William Martin's The Best Liberal Quotes Ever: Why the Left is Right. I'm still baffled by this title. Who cares about a quote taken out of context unless it is for a Hallmark card or a chapter lead-in for a novel? And I'm also left with....why is the left right? Isn't it possible that the left is right sometimes....and the right is right sometimes? This extremist stand that I see more and more in politics speaks of our lack of thought and push towards all things emotional in this political climate. I see more and more Kerry-Edwards signs (I hope Bush-Cheney fans are merely above this ridiculous littering and not as out-numbered as they appear) in front lawns, and I keep you support all the things that Kerry does? Do you believe in EVERYTHING he says and does? I have refrained from putting bumper stickers or political signs up - not because I don't want people to know who I'm voting for. Because I don't hold with everything any candidate says. I hold with issues. I believe in the war in Iraq. I don't believe in using embryos for stem cell research when there are so many other tissues to retrieve stem cells from (like the umbilical cord) that does not involve killing human beings. I agree with tax cuts. I do not agree with national health care. I do not believe we need more social programs. When I attend the local voting booth, I'll choose the candidate that has taken a stand that I agree with on the issue that are most important to me. I don't want "W '04" - I want the war on terror to kick some terrorist ass. I want national health care to be shelved. I want partial-birth abortion to be banned. If the Cookie Monster is the right choice for these issues then I'll live without the "W" in his name.