Saturday, October 09, 2004


I listened with half an ear as the debate tonight wore on. Perhaps I am not the best critic, as I found the set-up distracting. Having to figure out who was asking the question, decifer it, watch the candidates repeat their stands on issues....okay, with John Kerry it is always interesting to see what side he will be spouting this time. (If Kerry was elected, it would definitely keep up on our toes....the unemployment rate might go down, as we would have to train people to keep track of our Presidential indecision.) I did think Bush was on a high....he was fantastic. This man should not stand still and speak. He needs to be out there, walking around, talking and looking at the audience. Kerry looked like he was trying to find a podium. In fairness to Kerry, his cadaverous posture and long characature make it hard even envision him with warm-fuzzies, much less interpret anything in his stiffness as warmth and/or connecting with the audience. His hand gestures are off-putting as well. Bush did not seem to have any of the awkwardness (perhaps he had more sleep this time?) of the last debate, and again, being able to get up and get his energy into his responses made him even more dynamic. It was particularly amusing to watch him interrupt the moderator. Who won? Who the hell wins these things? We all know where Bush one understands where Kerry sits on issues. Quite honestly the purpose of these seems more to entertain the supporters than to settle any issues of for whom to vote. Bush was definitely more "on" this time, though I thought he was admirable in the last one. I find his frustration and mannerisms bring him down to everyone's level. Apparently many disagree with me, but I have always enjoyed speakers who are personable, and you feel like you could sit in their living room with them, have a conversation and still be at ease. Kerry, with his stiff mannerisms and bourgeois attitude....I wouldn't feel comfortable in jeans around the man, much less in his living room. I doubt anyone watching the debate will decide whom to vote for based on tonight's exchange. Of course, those that vote for Kerry aren't actually voting for him. They are just refusing to vote for Bush.