Saturday, October 16, 2004

Blogs of High Caliber

I spend a lot of time reading in my spare time - of which there is not much available, let me tell you. So when I add a blog to my blogroll, it means something: typically, this is a blog I read nearly everyday; I find the contents well-written, thought-provoking, and inspiring; the author is clearly sensitive and thoughtful to the world around him/her; and the quality of the contents are worth spending my very limited spare time examining and considering. While no one is clamoring down my door to get linked by me - after all, I'm certainly not a hard-hitting blogging influence out there in the big blogosphere - I take it seriously. I recently added Naked Villainy to my blogroll. I did not do it for reciprocation, as I link to several blogs who do not include my link in their blogroll - I much prefer to be linked because they value my thimble-full of wisdom and not as an exchange. The Maximum Leader at Naked Villainy was kind enough to provide a link to my site, for which I am very appreciative. I enjoy his site immensely, and have no idea what took me so long to find it, given the frequent mention of the site by other bloggers. All this to say, today I read a post (which I will post on next) that took me by surprise, probably because I am a new reader of Naked Villainy. The Maximum Leader usually makes me laugh, but today, his close examination of the topic and personal reference are touching. There is nothing more admirable than someone with a sense of humor and a sense of humanity. So, yes, Maximum Leader, Smallholder definitely got my attention, but you will all keep me coming back. With most sincere love and devotion, your loyal minion, Ally.