Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Blogging for Education

I had my first Business Ethics course this evening. I am psyched! One, because I love things involving ethical arguments, and two, because the professor appears to be very good. There is nothing more enjoyable in any course you attend than having a professor that knows their stuff and still knows how to reach the students. We were discussing deontological and consequentialist arguments this evening, and I was thrilled to know exactly what we were talking about. Thanks to the AnalPhilosopher, I have learned the meaning and basic tenets of both. Contrary to recent slurs against bloggers, reading blogs can be and is educational. There are some things that may or may not be valuable - you have to determine that for yourself. But bloggers are not just a bunch of uneducated hermits looking for a bit of glory. There is a vast world of experience out there, free for your benefit. You just have to find what you need. Pretty damn amazing.