Saturday, October 23, 2004


I am not sure why people are trying to convert the good professor from his atheism to Christianity. Here is yet another foolish attempt. One, the man clearly states his views and has no desire to change them. Two, threatening intelligent people with death and damnation is rarely effective. Nor is making generalized statement about what "Everyone knows...." Three, being rude is also ineffective - "You are simply one of those atheists who become so endeavored in books that the real truth seems like a lie. You can educate yourself right into Hell." Why some "Christians" (not all are like this, just a few annoying ones) refuse to acknowledge others' truth in their blind fervor to prove their own fanaticism is beyond me. You cannot ridicule someone else's thoughts, knowledge, and understanding and then think they will give you any respect for your own beliefs. If you want to reach someone, respect them. Show them your ideas, attempt to understand theirs, and have frank, open discussion. It only shows how much doubt and insecurity you have in your own beliefs when you must threaten and become a bully towards others. You are certainly not convincing anyone of anything - except of your own weakness.