Friday, September 24, 2004

Who To Vote For?

I caught a silent snippet on the TV today at the gym. The volume was down, with only the closed captions available to inform me as to what was being said. It was a news story of George W. Bush, recently campaigning in Wisconsin, a swing state. He was in shirt sleeves, a pleasant blue, no tie, unbuttoned, looking slightly wrinkled. He held a microphone, and was talking expansively with his hands. Because I could not hear him, and the captions were far behind, I could only watch his performance. Having seen many such snippets of John Kerry as well, I felt a bit of pity for Democrats. Kerry does not have the same soulful, honest delivery that Bush has. Without even knowing what he was saying, I could see the meaning behind Bush's statements - he is expressive even in his eyes. With Kerry's wooden expression, brittle demeanor, and awkward slogans, it is no wonder the Democrats have gotten vicious towards Bush. Not only is it their only hope, it is their only outlet.