Wednesday, September 15, 2004


The good professor over at the AnalPhilosopher has a post today about student tardiness to class. I quite agree and have no idea why any professor puts up with it....however, I also believe it should work both ways. Another rudeness I have noticed, specifically in class, is cell phone rings. Not only are they distracting, between the metallic dog bark imitations, emergency siren alerts, and anthems to the home of the free, they stop the class as everyone must see what idiot forgot to turn off his cell phone. To make it really irritating, said idiot will then grab the phone and either struggle to figure out how to turn it off, or take the call and run out of the room. I do not have a home phone, and I use my cell phone for everything. There are times when I just turn it off or leave it in the car. I don't always need to be reached, and heaven knows, no one needs to hear my personal business when they are trying to concentrate. Cell phones are a wonderful invention for some - but they also bring with them a new level of rudeness. A little more concern and conscience over their use would be appreciated.