Thursday, September 09, 2004

Money for Blood

Bushmaster got their just desserts - or at least, some feel this way. Bushmaster is the weapon manufacturer who made the rifle used by the Washington, D.C. sniper in 2002. They are paying the victims' families $550,000 to settle, and the store that sold the rifle agreed to pay $2 million dollars to the families. That's right - it is not the sniper's fault is the gun manufacturer and seller. Yep, they are supposed to know the intentions of every gun buyer. I suppose they should start hiring empaths for sales people. You better watch those garage sales you have in the future. What if someone buys an old kitchen knife for a quarter and then goes out and slaughters some people? You could be held liable - you should have known. And what about garden tools? These can lethal - True Value better be prepared. And you'd best hide that shovel that you leave in the unlocked shed out back - someone could be beaten to death with that....and it could be all your fault. This pass-the-blame bull shit is just that. Bull shit. No one is responsible except the person who pulled the trigger. I target shoot. I own several weapons. I am well-aware of the power of a handgun, a rifle, a shotgun, a knife. If I harm someone, the blame lays with me, not the maker in some state far away who doesn't even know that I exist. And if the gun store was not keeping track of its weapons properly....oh well. That does not mean that they are responsible for the idiot that heartlessly murdered 8 people. Of course, God forbid we lay the blame with a single person - it is the big, evil corporations that cause all the problems....or is it just that they have the money to pay for it?