Friday, September 03, 2004


Everytime I have weeks like this past one, I end up missing out on all the good stuff! So here is my notables from some of my favorite blogs: The AnalPhilosopher is doin' his stuff - and it's good. Check out his latest post on the Democrats, Kerry, and the RNC. Of course, Peg Kaplan is finding the hard-hitting news. See this article she found about the Middle Eastern view of Bush's speech at the RNC. That some Americans have no pride in our President shows both their ignorance and stupidity. While you are there, check out Peg's post regarding diversity in the Republican party. This is what it is all about - being judged by who you are, not your category. The more we move towards this goal, the more we will win the war against discrimination of any kind. With all the linkage and touting, I was anxious to read Steve Rugg's piece on lack of conviction in today's politics. I was NOT disappointed. It is an excellent piece, and very well written. Enjoy. Kim Du Toit is reporting from Europe this week....he has an interesting post regarding the European TV, the RNC, and porn. Definitely worth a read, and you'll probably get a chuckle out of it as well. Eskimo's Igloo (or is it Igloo's Eskimo) is investigating the hatred of the protestors and the convictions still left in politics. It is a good compliment to Steve Rugg's piece. These are only a paltry few, but I am still catching up. I should come up with a few posts later, but let this get you started. Of course, if you've been a good blog reader, this will be a review....but if you are like me and have had a crazy week, take a gander, nod your head, and feel renewed. Given the news, this is about the only place you'll find that.