Thursday, September 09, 2004

Heading for the Beach!

Among my recent undertakings is my new diet. Yes, even I succumb to the female inability to be satisfied with her body. I like to think my goals are a bit more healthy - because I work out and lift pretty hard, I would like to lose some body fat. So I recently embarked on the South Beach diet. Let me tell you - it is not an easy beginning. Anyone who has tried this eating plan knows what I am talking about. Give up bread? Pasta? Chocolate?! Add being vegetarian to the mix, and the choices get even slimmer. However.... I've been very pleased. Those for whom diabetes is an inherited concern, this is a great plan. It also forces you to realize just how much junk we put into our bodies each day. And unlike other "low-carb" diets, it actually allows you to have some carbohydrates - just not those that have had the nutrients wrung out of their hides. You feel great, the weight practically falls off, and there are so many reworked products out there for the carb-conscious, it would be hard to fail. So in case you have been waffling (whole grain, of course) on starting it, have done it, or never even heard of it, check it out. Your heart might thank you....and I know your waistline will.