Friday, September 24, 2004

Good Dads

My roommate and I recently had a conversation regarding our desires for children (or lack thereof) and what we find attractive in men. I know, an odd combination, perhaps....Nonetheless, we were standing in the parking lot next to Wally-world, and a nice-looking guy got out of a late-model sedan - I think it was a Chevrolet Cavalier. We both took note and looked at each other. Yes, guys, we really are visual at times. You don't corner the market on ass-watching. Breast-gazing, perhaps, but the rest of the body is just as appealing to us as it is to you. Anyway, as we watched, he opened the back door and soon emerged with a little boy on his arm. He gently put his son down and took his tiny hand. They walked together toward the Wal-Mart, the man shortening his strides to stilted steps to match his son's tiny waddles. Let me tell you, there is nothing sexier than a good dad. I don't know if the man was married - I would like to hope so - but either way, he was incredibly appealing. There is not enough emphasis placed on fathering and how sexy it is to see a man taking care of his kids - getting that soft look in his eyes, laughing freely at something his kid did, or coaching his child in the finer points of actually making contact between the bat and the ball on the "T". In a world of divorce and split homes, it is hard for a woman my age to find a guy without children, and it will get exponentially more difficult as I get older. I have more or less resigned myself to the fact that I will probably end up with someone who has children. It is just as well, as I am not sure I ever want to have any of my own, despite my affinity for children. Many women see them as an inconvenience, and I will not lie and say that it is not off-putting at times. You want to go to a movie, go out with friends, have some private time....Oops! Not so quick, Juliet - Romeo has Daddy-Duty! However, I think the measure of a man is in how well he raises his kids. There are many women out there who think the grass is greener on the other side and toss perfectly decent men in hopes of attaining their goals of higher education, higher tax brackets, and higher elevation of noses. The men they leave behind are good guys, excellent husband material, and while they may have some baggage, there are worse things than being a part of a child's life, influencing their steps or behavior. I think it is a privelege. Perhaps it is worthwhile to look into the Divorced Dad Club - you might find just what you are looking for.