Sunday, September 26, 2004

Football Fanatics

I always blame it on being a girl, despite the fact that many women out there apparently enjoy it as well....but I know nothing about sports. I can vaguely follow a baseball game, am clueless about football and basketball, and never watched hockey in my entire life. When ESPN comes up via channel surfing, I might actually stop to watch the commercials (they always seem to be better during sports games than they are anywhere else in the TV world), and then I move on. Since I don't watch TV very much, this is barely a speed bump in my viewing. Enter: the guy I am dating. An absolute sports buff - plays 'em all, coaches kids in them, and is a die-hard fan. This is one of the few men I've dated who watches sports - yes, I know - How have I managed that for this long? Nonetheless, in an effort to be fair to his watching my chick-flick movies, I sat in on a football game today. I was, of course, full of questions, which this poor guy answered with amazing patience. While I am still a little shakey on the this 4 downs to get 1 down thing - let's not even get into player positions - I was impressed by how much thought goes into watching a game. Of course, I was busy trying to understand it, but there is much more to it that I originally thought. Perhaps it is due to the stereotype bandied around about men and their mind-numbing sport-addiction - but this is much more than meets the eye. I doubt I am going to start tuning into sports games on a regular basis. I do look forward to watching the next game, though. It holds a certain fascination. I'll have to see if it lasts beyond the novelty stage.