Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Crying Wolf

Ah, the presidential debate. That moment of faux pas and charlatan behavior that we avoid watching, as we will see all the interesting moments recapped on the news for the next two months anyway. No point in getting ahead of the moment, right? And of course, Democrats are hot on the trail.
Low-balling expectations, Bartlett said the White House was expecting 90 minutes of attacks from Kerry at the first of three presidential debates Thursday night in Coral Gables, Fla. "Senator Kerry has been preparing his whole life for this moment," Bartlett said. "He was an all-star debater in prep school and an all-star debater in Ivy League. He was 20 years in the most august debating society in years, the United States Senate." "Will President Bush step on his own line and maybe not pronounce a word right? I bet he will. But, I think after the 90 minutes, there won't be any ambiguity on his positions." In a conference call with reporters Sunday, Democratic chairman McAuliffe recalled Bush's 2000 debate against Democrat Al Gore. "George Bush defied expectations and won," McAuliffe said, praising the president. "Let's face it, George Bush is a great debater." Then the jab: "He wins them on style not substance, and he wins them because he isn't always honest. The truth is George Bush has historically had problems being forthright at debates." He cited examples from the 2000 debates in which Bush expressed concern about overcommitting the U.S. military around the world. "As we know, he has overstretched our military now to dangerous levels," McAuliffe said. He said Bush also said that military missions need well-defined exit strategies. "Bush's own officials now concede there was no plan, no exit strategy for Iraq," McAuliffe said. Kerry took his own swing at Bush on Sunday for pronouncing the Iraqi mission accomplished while the monthly death toll mounts. Source
Death toll? We are in a war, with little more than a thousand casualties in three years, and we are calling this a death toll?? God forbid, we ever have a real war with real casualty numbers. I am in no way discounting the loss of life in this war....we feel the sorrow of loss. But this is hardly cause for shaking fists at ridiculous "death tolls." If anyone questions just how extremist these people are, just examine their vocabulary. Using harsh words in such foolish ways is similar to an old parable I remember from when I was little. Something about a little boy who cried wolf....