Wednesday, September 29, 2004


I recently had an e-mail exchange with another blogger, and we were discussing radical stands on issues. The issue at hand is irrelevant - it was the concept that I would like to address. Anyone who reads this blog can probably guess where I stand on many political issues. I obviously am conservative, support gun-ownership, oppose abortion, and believe in personal responsibility. I spend a good deal of time composing my thoughts on this issue, and have, ironically enough, found an audience who enjoys reading this stuff. These are my opinions, some well-grounded, others based on logic, emotion, tradition, and even stupidity. I try to weed through them and find logic and accountability on which to base these opinions. When faced with someone who does not agree with me, whether entirely or in certain areas, I love to engage in discussion. The exchange of ideas is fascinating and invigorating to me. I do not demand that we come to a conclusion, or even that we fully understand each other. I may be tolerant of homosexual practices - it does not mean I understand them. How could I? Politics and social issues are important, but they are not things to lose friends over. Unless you have discovered that your best friend or co-worker is a supporter of the Nazi party and is trying to bring another Holocaust to the world, these convictions and opinions are hardly worth blowing relationships over. I guess that is why politics and religion have been off the social conversation lists for so long. Be careful with your convictions. As I mentioned to my blogging friend, often when my passions are so high and unforgiving that I risk losing friendships, I often find it is because they are obscuring another hidden source, one I don’t want to face