Friday, August 27, 2004


After writing my last post, I find myself more irritated than I was before writing it. I thought putting it down in words would help elevate my frustration with our pitiful example of humanity, but it hasn't. We are a people who worries more over the cats and dogs we kill than we do over the babies that die everyday. We hang posters about abuse to our beloved pets, yet we continue to abuse and neglect our children - we have the nerve to call it "early education." I call it refusing to parent. We say we want freedom of speech and religion, but we condemn those who would practice their rights. We will fight for the underdog - as long as the right politician is behind it. Otherwise, we are an imperialistic nation, interested only in our own world domination. We admire the solemnity and determination of those willing to fight for our freedoms and independence - yet we assume they are whoring, cruel, and mindless asses who would as soon shoot, rape, and/or torture a civilian than help them. We report the horrors of war, murder, and misbehavior, but we never mention all the good that happens in the world. Damn it, people, who are we? Are we really this horrid? Do we have such little faith in humanity any more, that we allow it to come to this? We live in an amazing country, yet we, as a people, chuck in with other nations and condemn it, reducing it to descriptions of selfishness, laziness, and bullying. I am sick of it. I am out of words, and yet there are not enough to expel the venom I feel. May you find something uplifting somewhere else. I just don't have it in me today.