Thursday, August 26, 2004


Something I noticed during my brief perusal of the web today....Has anyone taken note of how many online dating services there are? There are even guides and books to using online dating services. I admit to being suckered into looking at these sites. So many people seem to be looking for love - no, I am not so naive that I think some are not looking for lust - but any number of people have these little paragraphs, trying to sell themselves to you, the viewer, with their intentions checked off as "marriage or long-term relationship." While I am starting to think this is the wave of dating of the future (who wants to meet someone in a bar?), it seems sad that you have to turn yourself into a used car salesman to find love. Gloss over your flaws (ignoring them if at all possible), point out and exaggerate your good points, throw in a couple of trite promises ("I love long walks on the [fill in the blank with beach, river, boardwalk, etc.] and watching the sunset; I love to cuddle; I'm not looking for Miss Right Now, but Miss Right for Me), and then try to figure out how field the lookers-not-buyers from the serious inquiries. I've met many couples who have met this way, so apparently it can lead to success. It just seems a bit sad, somehow. We are such a merchandised society that we have to even market our hearts in order to find acceptance and love.