Monday, August 23, 2004

This Is What I Have Been Missing?!

I actually had some time to do some in-depth reading of my fellow bloggers, rather than my usual quick perusal and comment. There is some great posting out there. Just to name a few:
McGreevey's sad attempt to gain sympathy is fully explored by Roger L. Simon and his readers (be sure to read the comments). Bush's ties to the Swift Boat Veterans is getting wackier and wackier. Check out Amy Ridenour's blog for the full report. Steve at JusTalkin has some excellent posts of late, including Ignoring the Truth (addressing's hypocrisy), "I have a better understanding of the common man" (I'll let you guess who this is about), along with several others that are worth a read. Peg Kaplan over at What if? appears to have gotten herself into a debate with one of her readers. The Fall Is Complete addresses her concern over the liberal bias in the New York Times - and a regular reader and commenter of hers, Kevin, is weighing in with some hard hitting comments. I'll be curious to see where this discussion goes. And, as usual, Bill Keezer is taking on issues that I wonder about but don't have the gonads to touch. His recent post on an 8-year-old Catholic girl and her allergy to wheat gluten vs. the Catholic Church and their insistence on some form of wheat in communion is not only interesting, but makes a hard, yet excellent, point.
There is so much more, but that is as far as I have gotten. As always, I am so proud and privileged to "know" and be in contact via e-mail with many of these amazing, thinking folks. If I relied on the news to prove that intelligent life existed, I'd be convinced humanity is de-evolving. Thank goodness for blogs!