Sunday, August 22, 2004

Religion and Coffee

While not a confirmed atheist by any stretch, I am very skeptical of any "religious" viewpoint if not backed up by suitable proof. Mind you, I'm not asking that God be proved tangible....but I think many things are labeled "miracles" (a miracle is that which breaks natural law) when in reality, they are simply the luck, and perhaps the strategy, of the draw. I have no problem with others' religious beliefs, just don't ask me to buy in unless you are prepared to back up what you are saying. This being said, one of my favorite minds in the theological vein has ended up being someone right here in our own blogosphere. Bill Keezer over at Bill's Comments has another excellent blog, Bill's Religious Archives. Here he posts all his religious thoughts that he usually posts on his regular blog on Sundays. Whether you have strong religious opinions, or perhaps weak, wavering ones, he will give you something to chew on while you figure out what you believe. His posts are concise, intelligent, and thought-inspiring. So go check it out, and see what you've been missing at church.