Friday, August 20, 2004

More Fun On The Feminist Home Front

The Sacramento County District Attorney's Office is leveling double homicide charges against a man accused of killing his 16-year-old girlfriend and her 1-month-old fetus, potentially leaving a jury to define the age an unborn baby must reach to qualify as a victim of murder. A 1994 state Supreme Court decision said a murdered fetus must be 7 to 8 weeks old for prosecutors to charge homicide on its behalf. Source
Now we are really going ot split hairs. Supposing she wanted to have the child, wouldn't it then be homicide? However, if she didn't want to have the child, he might have just gotten carried away with her ideas of abortion. I know, I'm callous. But I have had it. Either it is a baby or it is not. How can you possibly charge someone with a double homicide when he only killed one human being with extra interior tissue? (I would think killing one person is enough, but we Americans are all about the quantity, not the quality.) We want the right to call it a baby and consider it viable human life when it works in our own selfish favor, but when we don't want the little annoyance, it is mere tissue with no value attached. How disgusting we have become.