Friday, August 13, 2004

I Give Up

The news has been boring. Despite my best efforts, there is just not much to blog on. We all know George W. Bush is evil, John Kerry is a sainted veteran, and Kerry is the only viable, trustworthy candidate for President. So glad that worry is off my mind. Now we have some Governor in NJ who decided to blow off his marriage, his children, his career, and his voters, and have an affair. Who cares that he has bisexual tendencies? What about the measure of the man himself? I was talking to someone today about it, and her response floored me. She said I was being too picky, and to hold people to that kind of standard was ridiculous. What standard? Expecting people to honor their marriage vows? She told me if demand that of men, we will be sorely disappointed, and we would have to disavow every President we ever had. There you go. Thank you, feminism. I think I'll just go be a nun. Face it, guys, you are just a bunch of whoring, lying, cheating, dispicable characters. You might as well embrace it and start acting like it - Lord knows, you'll never get credit for being decent as long as you have gonads. As you can see, my day was a bit trying! =) So I decided to post some photos to make you smile, to be glad you don't live in Pennsylvania - though it is quite nice in some places, and to be greatful that your hair does not do what mine does. Also, if you get a second, send some positive thoughts in the direction of those being hit with the storms. It can't hurt, and who knows? Maybe it will do some good. Have a great weekend, everybody.