Friday, August 13, 2004

The Hoosecow Motel

Should convicts pay for their room and board? You be the judge. I found this quote particularly interesting.
But the fees raise thorny ethical and constitutional issues, say advocates of prisoner rights and some other corrections experts. The costs place an unfair burden on a population that is almost by definition impoverished, making it harder for inmates to get back on their feet after release, some groups argue. Others contend that the fees deprive inmates of due process or constitute cruel and unusual punishment. In a few cases, courts have sided with the inmates on specific issues.
Whether or not you agree with inmates paying for their room and board (since the rest of us have to, it seems as though they should to), can you really consitute paying somewhere between $8-$56/day as cruel and unusual punishment? God forbid anything truly horrible happen to these people, if they consider cruel and unusual punishment as paying for the roof over your head.